(Probably!) the most exciting Italian programming competition of 2019.

Milan, Italy May, 2019

Total prizes of 40K€.

250€ to each participant to The Finals.

All expenses (including travel and accommodation) will be covered by Bending Spoons.

Results are out!

What is Codeflows?

Codeflows is a nationwide programming competition whose final stage is taking place in Milan on May 4, 2019. Are you either Italian or working or living in Italy? Do you breathe coding? Ready to prove you're among the best? Applications Closed!

The ultimate showdown

If you love programming and you’re up for a challenge, Codeflows is likely to be your best opportunity to measure yourself against the most awesome competition in Italy.

Huge money prizes

Prizes will be extremely generous: if you get on the medal stand, you’ll be awarded 15K€ for #1, 10K€ for #2, and 5K€ for #3. An additional prize of 250€ will be handed out to you if you reach The Finals, independently of your ranking.

All expenses paid

Applying is free. For those who make it to The Finals, all expenses (including travel and accommodation in the center of Milan) will be covered.

Meet the very best

Qualifying to The Finals will be difficult, so, if you make it, you’ll be sure to be surrounded by some of the most amazing programmers nationwide. Connect with many incredibly passionate and skilled people!

Made by Bending Spoons

With nearly 300,000 new users downloading our apps every day, we’re one of the most exciting fast-growing tech companies in Europe. Our brand new office will be the backdrop for the event.

Applications Closed

Apply by December 3, 2018

We reserve the right to close the application window prematurely and at any time, in case we receive more applications than we can handle.

How does it work?

Below we provide more details on the event. Read carefully, we hope to meet you at Codeflows!

The venue

Bending Spoons is happy to host the event in their brand-new office in the center of Milan.

Any other question?

Email us at

or read our terms and conditions.


Applications Closed

Apply by
December 3, 2018